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The Boy Next Door…

I have had to put some genuine time into thinking about how I should write this post. Not only is it a local business, a business that requires a little nudge into the public eye, and a business owned by someone I know. It is a business born of the rather complicated mind of my husband-to-be. 

Now I know I should probably approach this in a professional manner and be completely unbiased on the matter but the truth is I don’t need to be. Richard Garnett aka Big Red deserves every piece of credit he is about to get….

      787 Studios

When I first met Red, it was through a mutual passion for music. At the time I simply had him down as a guitar playing, growly man. I even underestimated his abilities as a guitar player to begin with (probably due to the fact that he would favor bursting into renditions of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ rather than rehearsing our actual material) but I soon realised I was wrong. 

The fact is in the short (almost) 3 years that I have known Red, I have watched him grow as an artist, a performer and most importantly a producer. 

These day’s most blokes and their dogs are attempting home studio recording, with the means and software becoming more readily available as technology progresses. But I’ve heard some of these recordings and even a novice such as myself can say that 787 is in a league of it’s own when it comes to the quality production. 

787 Productions have been specialising in the recording and production of Metal for several months now but as Richard will tell you, he is eager to work in other genres; recently he has began work with my brother’s band Jilambis! on their indie-electro-rock affair. Red will admit though his heart lies in metal production. His heart is as black as the day is long. 

I can’t honestly say I share Red’s passion for music technology. I am more of a fan of the performance and culture side of the arts. The amount of times I have sat listening to him chat about EQs, parameters and phasing and pretending I know what he’s talking about are countless. It literally goes in one ear and out the other but I smile and nod like a good Wife should! However, the time and dedication I have seen him put into his work is extremely admirable. He spends hours researching each aspect of recording. Trawling forums to learn the best techniques and conversing with fellow studio geeks about his methods. I am, it is sad to say, a music widow. 

For the last year and much to my dismay but not without my consent, Red has utilised our spare attic room as a home-studio set-up. During this time we have invited bands into our home, offered them a brew and a cheeky digestive and Red has slaved over is iMac while I have failed to get any form of an early night due to ‘that noise’. Now I’m not as dumb as I am perhaps letting on here/ Despite not really ‘getting’ it I do know the basics of recording techniques. I have been in enough studios and studied the subject long enough to know what constitutes as high quality. In the time that Red has been holed up in our attic he has managed to train himself in achieving high quality productions using a minimal amount of equipment, without that ‘D.I.Y’ sound. His motto is ‘If you don’t know the answer, go out and find it. Don’t just ask the person sitting next to you’. A premise he stands so strongly by, he refuses to help even me with those awkward IT conundrums;

"Google is your friend" he says. Rightio then…

Red Recording

Red - Bedroom Warrior?

Of course Red has had his fair share of competitors in the local area but none of them have succeeded in reaching the standard that he has achieved in recent months. Many of them have simply fallen at the first hurdle when attempting to establish any sort of viable recording business. In the meantime Red has hit a level of production that has prompted even the big dogs to take notice. Now he is rubbing virtual shoulders with the likes of Lasse Lammert and Joey Sturgis; those of you who follow the industry will know he is a major player in the metal production game. He has, it seems, their full support. 

So it is with great pleasure that I can announce that in January 2012 Red, along side his business partner Michael Watson,  will finally be opening the doors of his first professional recording space. 787 Studios, located in Sheffield’s Canal Works, will offer high quality and professional services at reasonable and competitive rates. Services will include recording, mixing and mastering with a team of experienced producers, audio engineers and technicians. While the studio undergoes renovation, 787 are currently taking preliminary bookings for use of the studio from January onwards. However, mixing and mastering services are currently available and the studio also has a fantastic live rehearsal space which is available for rent now.

Studio Location

Not only does this mean that I can finally turn our spare room into a giant walk-in-wardrobe, it also means that Red finally gets to watch his dreams become a reality. Witnessing his ideas begin to manifest leaves me swollen with pride and I could not be happier for him. The thing that makes me so proud though is that Red has done this all himself. He has done the research, sought his premises and is funding the project out of his own pocket. Of course we know he has the talents to make a name for himself but only time will tell. Audio Production is the only thing that I have ever seen Red throw himself whole-heartedly into and it something he has a genuine talent for. In addition to launching his own recording business, Red is currently studying to be a music teacher, specialising in digital audio recording and production. 

You can go straight to 787 Production’s Facebook page by clicking on the logo at the top of the page. Alternatively you can find the contact details below for any general information or booking enquiries. I will be posting progress blogs and photos as work continues on the studio. In the meantime, wish them luck!!

787 Contact Information

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